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Safe Interstate Movement

Ace Delivery only uses trailers equipped with the best protective equipment, such as interior padding, vibration-reducing air-ride systems, and E-Track, to ensure your product is stable within our truck. We're the only carrier that provides this level of service. Locally, our delivery trucks are equipped with lift gates and plenty of protective blankets, and are always staffed by two delivery professionals.

Our National Facilities Network

Ace Delivery has a network of more than 90 dedicated Distribution and Consolidation Super Centers. We have streamlined the entire process so as to eliminate the shuffling of items from warehouse to warehouse, the need to send multiple trucking companies to the same location and worries about product custody, or having your shipment cross-docked again and again. Ace Delivery consolidates your shipments at our own facilities, then routes them to Distribution Centers near your customers.

Our Superior Final Mile Delivery Terminals

Our final mile delivery terminals are supply-chain nerve centers, staffed by trained professionals and outfitted with the latest technology. Each terminal maintains its own call center, is linked to our online Inventory Management System and only uses trucks equipped with lift gates and air-ride systems. In addition, our local drivers carry mobile phones, so they can take calls from your customers or contact them en route.

Our State-of-the-art Technology

Ace Delivery has the industry's best scheduling technology, Direct Visibility. This state-of-the-art technology will provide your customers with a sense of control by giving them the ability to choose their preferred delivery date upfront. Direct Visibility has been designed to improve your customer's delivery experience, improve transit times and provide a unified scheduling process no matter what the shipment is.

Our Outstanding Customer Care

Our goal is to leave your customers with a great lasting impression. We go out of our way to ensure that our delivery personnel are highly-trained, service-minded professionals who will treat your customers and their purchases with respect and care.

Of course, good service also means taking care of you. In that way, we maintain a national call center that is accessible to you and your customers. Your can reach our Customer Care team at (888) 412-4609.

Our Flexibility Promise

Our customers choose to work with Ace Delivery on a month-to-month basis for a variety of reasons, but they all realize the value that our flexibility affords them. A reliable and trusted partner that is available at all times without the complexity of a long-term commitment.

Can you imagine what type of relief that provides?

We realize your business fluctuates – in this market, fluidity is the new normal – riding and constantly adjusting to the market and resulting consumer torrents. Regardless of the chaos out there, you can depend on Ace Delivery to be a steady, consistent partner, delivering your customers’ purchases on time and with extreme care. Nothing less than the service you would provide them if you were making the delivery yourself.

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Mission Statement

For over 30 years, Ace Delivery has been the #1 choice by home furnishing product retailers, manufacturers, and e-commerce companies for shipping in Southern California. Our mission is simple:  To provide superior service and the highest quality customer experience.

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